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Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun… (SPOILERS)


The show “Quantico” is starting to get really good.

Everyone’s secrets came out in the episode “Quantico.”  We found out the truth behind Natalie’s fake scar.  Simon finally revealed what happened when he served in the Israeli Defense Forces.  Shelby learned that her so-called sister was just a con artist.  After being pulled along for nine episodes, it is satisfying to finally learn the truth.

We might actually know who the terrorist is… Elias?  While Simon fabricated the terrorist plot, he did not go through with the plan and had no intention of harming anyone.  Instead, Simon’s plans were stolen by someone at Quantico.  In the last scene of the episode, Simon entered his house, but was attacked by Elias.  Since day one, Elias has seemed off.  He has no social boundaries and always had a strong interest in Simon.  Could he be the terrorist?  Or are the writers playing us again?  The winter finale can’t get here sooner enough!

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