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Rizzoli and Isles (SPOILERS)


“The Corrections” left off right where the previous episode of “Finding Carter” ended.  The reality of Seth’s death was starting to sink in.  Immediately, tensions were high.

In “The Corrections,” Elizabeth and Lori played good cop and bad cop- something I never thought I’d see.  It was interesting to see them work together, and they made a great team.  As we’ve seen throughout the second half of season two, the Wilson family is learning to forgive.  They’re learning to accept their past and move on with their life.  Even Elizabeth has made that step to forgive Lori.  She pushed her past issues aside so that the pair could work towards a common goal.  Because in the end, they both want the same thing: a wonderful life for Carter.

At the end of “The Corrections,” Jared was stalking Carter.  We all thought Jared was in jail, but apparently he isn’t and the characters might be in more danger than ever before.  I’m eager to see what happens in the season finale.


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