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Running to Stand Still (SPOILERS)


“Running to Stand Still” had an intense opening.  Harry was being chased by Zoom.  The episode started right in the heat of the moment so it immediately grabbed my interest.  Zoom then asked Harry to do a favor for him in order to save his daughter.  That just made the opening scene even more compelling.  Is Dr. Wells from Earth 2 going to become a villain?

“Running to Stand Still” was a very emotional episode of “The Flash.”  Joe discovered that he has a son, Patty confessed the truth about her father’s death, and Barry finally forgave Dr. Wells.  All three actors (Jesse L. Martin, Shantel VanSanten, and Grant Gustin, respectively)  dove into their characters emotions and gave excellent performances.  They shed tears and exhibited anger.  I empathized with all three characters.

There were some awesome special effects in “Running to Stand Still.”  In one scene, the Flash chased Mark Mardon through Central City.  As he was jumping between buildings, the Flash ran on the blades of a helicopter.  It was filmed in slow motion and looked really cool.  Props to whoever thought of that clever action shot!


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