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Inside Command Center (SPOILERS)


In “Inside,” the characters faced their most dangerous situation yet.  While drugged, Simon was tied to a chair and his hand was tapped to the trigger of a bomb.  Just a slip of a finger and Simon along with Alex, Natalie, Nimah, and tons of other civilians would be killed.

The big bombshell of “Inside” was the bombing of Command Center.  Who was in the building?  Are there any survivors?  On top of that, the terrorist is still out there, capable of wreaking more havoc.

A big focus in “Inside” was on Miranda’s missing son, Charlie.  Miranda is convinced that Charlie is a juvenile delinquent, but Nimah tried to persuade her otherwise.  At the end of the episode, Charlie showed up outside of Miranda’s house, and it was clear that he was the victim in the situation.  Charlie’s storyline has continued for a few episodes now, but I’m not sure of its significance.  Why are we being told this story abut Charlie and Miranda?  Is it even related to the terrorist attack?  We need more answers because it’s getting confusing.

My least favorite part in “Inside” was the final scene between Alex and Liam.  Liam drove Alex home after the Haas’ party.  Once at Quantico, Alex admitted that she didn’t want to get out of the car.  She asked Liam to take her somewhere.  “I’m your teacher,” Liam said.  “I know.  Teach me something,” Alex responded.  Not only were those lines super cheesy, they were inappropriate on so many levels and definitely out of character.  Alex is completely upset with Ryan for betraying her, but has already forgiven Liam when Liam was the one giving the orders.  It just makes no sense.  That scene between Alex and Liam should not have been in the episode.

Shelby is written as a very overdramatic character.  One moment, she’s everyone’s best friend and the next, she’s bitter and guarded.  She’s especially wishy-washy towards Caleb.  About every other episode, she’s either head-over-heels in love with him or angry and breaking up with him.  And she doesn’t change gradually.  It’s like a switch goes off.  Shelby just seems a bit too extreme to me, and she’s hard to believe sometimes.

There were so many twists and turns in “Inside”…  After seeing Elias attack Simon at his home, I thought the mystery might have been solved.  But we found out that Elias was being blackmailed by the terrorist.  He wasn’t the real villain.  Later on, we discovered more about Caleb’s past.  We already knew that Caleb was in a cult as a teenager, but Shelby unearthed that while in the cult, Caleb planned a suicide bombing.  Fortunately, the FBI prevented the incident.  Then, we saw Caleb as his alias, Mark Raymond, looking at safety deposit boxes at Command Center.  “Beautiful space.  So close to Grand Central,” he said.  Does this mean that Caleb is the terrorist?  On top of all these twists,  while the agents were preoccupied with the bomb at the Democratic National Convention, another one went off at the FBI Command Center.  This episode gave me whiplash.  I have no idea what to expect moving forward.

Is Caleb the terrorist?  We were supposed to find out the terrorist’s identity during the winter finale, but nothing is definite.  I would argue that Caleb looks the most suspicious as of right now, but my guesses always turn out to be wrong.  To be perfectly honest, Caleb was the last recruit I had pegged to be the terrorist (behind Alex).  If he really is the terrorist, I applaud the writers for deceiving me.  Caleb has become my favorite character, and it’s shocking to see your favorite character become the villain.  Now, I know how all the other recruits feel (that is if Caleb really is the terrorist).

Unfortunately, I’m still not entirely sure who the terrorist is.  “Inside” brought with it more questions than answers.


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