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Lies, Deception, and Murder (SPOILERS)


The season two finale of “Finding Carter” was twice as long as a regular episode and twice as dramatic.

Bird had an interesting subplot in “The Sheltering Sky.”  The writers of “Finding Carter” have always liked exploring controversial topics and putting their characters in difficult situations.  As we found out in the previous episode, Bird is pregnant.  This episode, she had to decide whether or not to have the baby.  In the end, Bird got an abortion.  Through writing and acting, the artists highlighted that this was not an easy decision for Bird.  It was a fascinating and informative storyline.

The second episode of the finale, “Atonement,” had a whodunit plot.  The episode started with Carter returning to consciousness to find out that Jared was dead.  Her objective in “Atonement” was to identify Jared’s killer.

When Carter awoke after passing out, the first thing she saw was Lori.  The opening shot was filmed from Carter’s perspective with Lori facing directly towards the camera.  As Carter sat up, she started looking around.  That’s when we got blurry glimpses of blood and Jared’s body.  Again, we were viewing everything from Carter’s eyes.  Immediately, I felt disconcerted.  We weren’t shown any clips from the time Carter was hit to when she woke up, so just like Carter, we had no idea as to what had transpired.  We were literally put in Carter’s shoes.  This was a great directing choice.

The first clue that Max was Jared’s killer was when Taylor noticed that he was drunk.  As we know, Max’s father is an alcoholic.  Is this foreshadowing that Max could have inherited this same problem?

The ending of “Atonement” was very emotional.  Taylor visited Lori at the police station asking her to convince Carter not to encourage Max to turn himself in.  During their discussion, a police officer came in to release Lori.  As Taylor and Lori walked into the main part of the station, they saw Carter, Crash, and Max.  Max was talking to some officers and put in handcuffs.  Taylor and Lori were speechless, and immediately, Taylor began crying.  It was all filmed in slow motion, allowing us to linger on to those emotions.  I definitely wasn’t expecting the season to end this way.

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