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The Hecks’ Nightmare Before Christmas


The Hecks are a very chaotic family, and sometimes their chaos is too much for me to handle.  As an audience, we watch TV to escape reality and to be entertained.  “Not So Silent Night,” was anything but relaxing.  The family ran around the house screaming at each other as they tried to look for a box of old photographs.  Everyone was on edge, including me.  I could feel my blood pressure rising listening to all the cries, frustrations, and negativities.  “Not So Silent Night” went a step too far; it was too frantic to be funny.

One great section of dialogue in “Not So Silent Night” was when Frankie talked about “the cloud.”  The cloud has become a buzzword as technology has advanced.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t understand the cloud and how it works, including Frankie Heck.  “Listen, I keep hearing about a cloud.  Do we have a cloud?… Can we get one?  We need to buy one right now,” she said to Mike.  Frankie said what a lot of people have been thinking.  It was comedic and relatable.


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