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The Aftermath (SPOILERS)


“The Last Chimera” started off right where the previous episode of “Teen Wolf” ended.  Lydia was lying unconscious in the woods.  Sherif Stilinski was hurt.  Scott was suffering from the wounds inflicted by Liam.  I definitely had to refresh my memory a bit to remember exactly how we got here.

In “The Last Chimera,” we finally found out how Lydia ended up in Eichen House.  After Theo dug his claws into the back of her neck, she went into some kind of trance.  Lydia’s mother thought Lydia would be safer in Eichen House.  Now, we are finally up to speed with the flash forward scenes from the first episode of season five.

It was clearly evident at Liam’s attack left Scott in pain.  Director Russell Mulcahy illustrated this with shaky camerawork.  There was a scene in which Scott stumbled down a hallway.  The camera stumbled with him which made the audience disorientated.  It put us inside Scott’s mind, allowing us to better understand what he was experiencing.

Time and time again, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) has proven that he is one of the most skilled actors his age.  In “The Last Chimera,” Stiles had to deal with his father being in the hospital.  While his father was in surgery, Stiles sat in the waiting room, anxious and upset.  Melissa came out to let him know that the surgery went well and that his father was going to be okay.  Immediately, Stiles started crying.  He was overcome with relief.  O’Brien masterfully expressed this.

After being MIA for the first half of season five, Chris Argent has finally made an appearance!  He had a great entrance too.  Scott and Malia were about to face the Dread Doctors.  As Malia began to panic, Scott said that she wasn’t the only person he called for help.  Then, behind them, we saw Chris Argent, weapon in hand.  He started firing at the Dread Doctors, saving Malia and Scott.  It was so badass.

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