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My favorite storyline in “The Rush” was Sue’s storyline.  The writers of “The Middle” explored college greek life.  Sue went through rush, and while she didn’t get into a sorority, she ended up making a true friend along the way.  It was a really sweet storyline.  It looks like it might actually be the year of Sue.

In “The Rush,” Mike discovered social media.  In order to improve his father’s diaper business, Axl created a twitter account for the company.  Unfortunately, Mike didn’t understand proper online conduct and things got out of hand.  It was hilarious to see Mike outside of his comfort zone.

The storyline with Frankie and Brick seemed a bit empty.  Brick bought pants without his mother, and of course, she freaked out because she realized that her youngest child was growing up.  Frankie practically begged Brick to spend time with her.  He agreed.  Then at the end of the episode, we saw Frankie driving Brick and his friend home from the bowling alley.  Unfortunately, Frankie never got her one-on-one time with her son.  I’m disappointed that we never got to see them interacting at the bowling alley.  That would have been a very interesting scene.  Instead, this story just kind of fizzled out and there didn’t seem to be any progression or character development.

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