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Damnatio Memoriae (SPOILERS)


“Damnatio Memoriae” opened with Hayden and her sister driving in a car together.  Hayden’s sister talked about Hayden’s disappearance.  “For all I know, you could have been dead,” she said.  I loved the irony of this line.  Little did Hayden’s sister know that Hayden did die and was brought back to life.

Malia is unlike most female characters I’ve seen on television.  She speaks her mind and lives by her own rules.  In “Damnatio Memoriae,” Scott visited Malia for help.  They spoke at her doorway.  Malia kept calm as she respectfully declined to help Scott.  Scott noticed that there were two heartbeats in Malia’s house.  After Scott left, Malia slowly closed the door.  Then, we saw that those two heartbeats belonged to Braeden and a man that Braeden was holding hostage.  All of a sudden, Malia wrestled the guy to the ground, trying to get information out of him.  It was such a sudden change in atmosphere and illustrated just how badass Malia can be.

We saw into Lydia’s nightmares in “Damnatio Memoriae.”  While in her trance, Lydia took a step outside her body and walked around the asylum.  She entered a room with a bathtub.  Suddenly, she found herself trapped in the room as a figure drenched in what looked like black ink emerged from the bathtub and crawl over to her.  It was absolutely terrifying like something out of a horror film.  The cinematography in this scene was amazing and added to the eerie atmosphere.  Later, we found out that this frightening figure was Meredith.

In the finale scene of “Damnatio Memoriae,” Kira and her mother drove into the desert where they were greeted by skinwalkers.  The skinwalkers were people that emerged from the ground.  The special effects used in their entrance was very impressive.

All the characters seem to be returning to “Teen Wolf” this season.  Last episode, Chris Argent came back.  In this episode, we found out that Deaton is being held prisoner by the Desert Wolf, basically guaranteeing that he will make an appearance this season.  Also, Kira, Meredith, and a healthy Gerard are back!


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