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Birds of a Feather


The primary storyline in “Birds of a Feather” was about how Frankie and Axl are the same person.  They’re both stubborn and dramatic dreamers.  Mike was the one to point this out to Frankie.  In the next scene, Mike and Brick spoke about the situation with Cindy.  Mike and Brick sat side by side, bonding over their discussion about young love.  The camera zoomed out as they were heavily engaged in conversation.  It seems like another two family members are the same person.  Compared to the rest of the family, Mike and Brick are the two introverts who don’t like to get involved in drama.  It was interesting to see this contrast between their personalities and Frankie and Axl’s.

In “Birds of a Feather,” Axl started his new internship.  He was not a fan of his new job and feared that he would be stuck in a menial job his whole life.  He blamed his parents for giving him hope that he could be anything he wanted to be.  Axl brought out an old poster from his childhood.  On one section of the poster, it said, “Who were your heroes?”  Young Axl had answered, “Mommy, Daddy, and Spongebob.”  I thought this was hilarious because Spongebob was so big when I was young.  He really was everyone’s hero back then.

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