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Josh’s Girlfriend is Too Cool?! (SPOILERS)


More and more TV shows are starting to showcase realistic representations of woman.  We’re not perfect.  Unlike in some TV shows, women don’t always have perfect beach waves or wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis.  In “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!,” Rebecca went to the grocery store dressed casually: sweats, a t-shirt, and no make-up.  She wasn’t even wearing a bra.  This was realistic, and I applaud Rachel Bloom (Rebecca) for her confidence.

The friendship drama in “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!” was a bit of an exaggeration, as I’m sure was intended.  Rebecca and Valencia became really close super quickly.  I also found it a bit odd that Paula designed t-shirts for her best friend, Rebecca.  It was all a bit over the top.

Rebecca always seems to be leaving work in the middle of the day.  She was in the middle of working on a case with Paula when she realized that she had to leave to go to Valencia’s 3:00pm yoga class.  How is she able to just come and go as she pleases?

We got a tiny glimpse into Paula’s life.  Paula was sitting at her desk in the dark, eating food.  Her son called, and she explained that she had to work late even though she was clearly lying.  I want to know more about Paula’s life.  Who is her family and why is she spending her night at the office?

Mrs. Hernandez has yet to talk, and it doesn’t seem like she ever will.  She reminds me of Norma from “Orange is the New Black.”  I want to know why she is silent because I just don’t get it.

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