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Fighting for Dominance (SPOILERS)


I’m confused about Kira’s storyline.  Kira and her mother travelled into the desert to find the skinwalkers because apparently they’re the only ones who might be able to save Kira from herself.  The skinwalkers warned Kira that if they are unable to save her, she would have to become a skinwalker like them.  While Kira’s mother didn’t like this, she said that becoming a skinwalker would be better for Kira than going back home.  Kira did pass the skinwalker’s test, but only because the fox inside of her took over, so it didn’t really count.  The skinwalkers told her that she had to become one of them.  All of a sudden, Kira’s mother was completely against the original plan and helped Kira escape.  I was confused because I thought Kira’s mother wanted Kira to become a skinwalker if she wasn’t able to pass the test.  Also, this means that Kira still doesn’t have control over her powers.  Is she going to end up hurting someone she cares about?  What was the point of this whole storyline in the first place?

Where is Parrish?  In the first episode of season 5b, Theo arrived at Eichen House looking for a Hellhound.  I’m still a bit confused about the timeline.  I’m under the impression that present time hasn’t reached that moment yet, but we haven’t seen Parrish since that first episode.  Where could he be and what is he doing?

Looks like another character from a previous season is returning: Deucalion!  Season 5b is becoming a giant reunion!

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