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The Episode I Fell for Josh (SPOILERS)


In “I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!,” Paula sang a song to Rebecca, encouraging her to face her fears.  Like most of the songs on this show, “Face Your Fears” had some interesting lines, such as “Run with scissors.”  Throughout the song, Rebecca commented on what Paula was saying and doing.  At one point, Paula was facing the camera with Rebecca behind her.  “Who are you singing to?” Rebecca asked.  This number was absolutely hilarious.  I was literally laughing out loud.

Rebecca deliberately clogged her garbage disposal so that she had an excuse to see Josh.  Josh came over along with White Josh because he didn’t want to make Valencia mad by being alone with Rebecca.  It only took a few minutes for White Josh to fix the garbage disposal and the two were ready to go.  Rebecca tried to convince them to stay.  Josh questioned why Rebecca wasn’t at work.  She explained that it was Weekend Tuesday.  I immediately thought that Rebecca had made it up on the spot because it barely made any sense.  Though in a future scene, we saw that her office was actually celebrating Weekend Tuesday.  I wasn’t expecting that.

White Josh took off his shirt while he fixed Rebecca’s garbage disposal.  White Josh is gifted in having an incredible body, but the whole time, Rebecca kept complaining about his lack of clothing.  “No one wants to see that,” she said.  It was humorous.

We got to meet Paula’s family in “I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!”  Her husband is obsessed with his barbershop quartet, but oblivious about everything else.  Paula has two sons: Brandon, a scary teenager, and Tommy, a child with too many personality disorders to count.  Now, we’re starting to learn where Paula comes from and why Rebecca’s life excites her.

In “I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!,” we met Heather, Rebecca’s next door neighbor.  Heather is a young twenty-something hipster.  She has piercings and pink streaks in her hair, and she speaks in a monotonous tone.  She’s very judgmental, but comes across as very cool and collected.  Heather is an interesting character and unlike anyone else on the show.

Now, I totally get it.  I understand why Rebecca is so in love with Josh, and I think I might be starting to fall for him too.  As expected, Rebecca’s party was a complete disappointment.  Barely anyone showed up, so she was embarrassed when Josh arrived.  But he said he wasn’t expecting anything extravagant.  He mentioned that she had just moved into town, so of course she wouldn’t know that many people yet.  Not only was Josh understanding, he took it a step further to help make Rebecca’s party the way she had imagined it.  Josh posted a party selfie on instagram, encouraging others to come over.  With Josh and Paula’s help, Rebecca’s party became the event of the night.  Josh was so selfless and empathetic.  After this episode, I empathized with Rebecca even more.

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