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Paula and I Are Good People!


At start of the number “I’m a Good Person,” Rebecca sang through a microphone.  She dropped the microphone into a beer that Greg was holding.  The scene then cut outside the world of the show as we saw the tech crew upset with Rebecca’s carelessness.  Later in the number, we watched them scowl as they dried off the microphone.  This increased the humor of this musical number.

I love how every character on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” sings.  Before watching the show, I thought Rebecca was going to be the only one to sing in the musical numbers, but that is not the case.  Also, the cast members who have sang so far have great voices.

In each episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” we branch out a little bit, learning more about the characters and their environment.  The writers do a great job at progressing this, providing us enough information to keep us interested, but not too much to confuse us.  In “Josh and I Are Good People!,” we met more people in the office, such as Karen and Tim.

Father Brah was my favorite character this episode.  He’s not your typical priest.  He’s relatively young and laid back.  But he is very wise.  I was captivated by him in each scene he was in.  I hope we see him more in upcoming episodes.


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