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The Pack Is Back (SPOILERS)


“The Sword and the Spirit” was very dark and gruesome.  Chris Argent found a pile of bodies swarming with bugs.  Malia practically bled from her eyes due to one of the Dread Doctors’ devices.

Every scene with Kira is always awkward.  In “The Sword and the Spirit,” Kira’s father took away her sword.  They had a conversation about the sword versus the spirit (hence the episode’s title), but the dialogue in this scene was very scripted.  It just didn’t flow and this stood out compared to the rest of the scenes in the episode.

The best part of “The Sword and the Spirit” was the end.  The pack was almost complete again.  Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, and Liam were all together.  The pack gathered around a table that had a map of Eichen House atop it, along with several other objects including the access card Stiles stole when he visited Lydia.  Scott said, “Now we get Lydia.”  I’m happy that the pack is finally coming back together to save Lydia, and I’m extra excited for the next episode.

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