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Making Friends Is Hard!


Rebecca’s storyline in “I’m Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends” was very relatable.  I’m sure we’ve all felt left out of a group before.  It’s not fun to feel like you don’t fit in.  And making friends is hard, especially after high school and college.  You have to put in more effort to meet people.  Rebecca experienced one of the harsh realities of being an adult.

Rachel Bloom (Rachel) and Vincent Rodriguez III’s (Josh) harmonies during “West Covina (Second Reprise)” were beautiful.

I love how “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” incorporates different music styles.  Some of the musical numbers resemble country music while others resemble pop or jazz.  It makes the show more interesting.  There’s something for everyone!

I love Rebecca and Paula’s relationship.  They’re best friends, but they have some mother/daughter qualities.  This is a relationship I have yet to see explored on TV.  I find it interesting and refreshing.  Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and age doesn’t mean anything.

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