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Amplification and Disappointment (SPOILERS)


“Amplification” was an exciting episode of “Teen Wolf.”  My adrenaline was pumping the whole time.  Would the pack’s plan work?  Would they save Lydia in time?

Unfortunately, we never got the answers.  “Amplification” ended right in the middle of all the action.  Stiles reached Lydia, but she already had a hole drilled into her head.  Lydia asked Stiles to leave.  As Stiles was hiding, Theo and the chimeras made it to where Lydia was being housed.  They made it further than the rest of Scott’s pack.  But now, the institution is on lockdown and they’re all trapped inside.

While “Amplification” was exciting in the moment, it was also a huge letdown.  It ended at the climax, so we never found out if the pack succeeded.  In fact, nothing was accomplished this whole episode, and we didn’t learn anything new.  As entertaining as “Amplification” was, it was a waste of time.

In “Amplification,” we finally caught up to the time when Theo and the chimeras broke into Eichen House asking for a Hellhound.  The first time we saw this scene was during the first episode of 5b.  I thought this scene might have already taken place, but apparently it didn’t.  It has been confusing trying to figure out the timeline this season.  There hasn’t been enough distinction between the scenes to really know when something is in the present or future.  Hopefully, everything is cleared up from here on out.


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