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Cousins & Babies & Dresses & Champagne


Being from Boston, I am always very critical of actors who play Bostonians and particularly their accents.  In “Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt,” Nick’s cousins from Boston, Bob and Carol, came to visit.  Bill Burr (Bob) and Lennon Parham (Carol) had great Boston accents and really acted liked stereotypical Bostonians, such as when they chanted “Yankees suck!” in celebration of Nick agreeing to donate sperm.  I was content with their performances.

In “Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt,” Cece went wedding dress shopping.  I love how the creative team chose not to show the dress that Cece bought at the store.  There was a montage of Cece trying on dresses while her and Winston got drunk on champagne.  At the end of the montage, we saw Winston all excited and he said, “That’s the one!  That’s the one!  We got dibs.”  Then, they cut to the next scene.  We didn’t get to see the dress at first.  I assumed that was because they didn’t want us to see it until the wedding day.  We found out later that there was a very different reason.

I’m upset that Jess wasn’t able to go wedding dress shopping with Cece.  I’m sure the best friends had dreamt of that moment their entire life.  As we found out at the end of the episode, Jess will help redesign the awful dress Cece picked out, so at least she’ll have a hand in the process.  It’s just not the same without Jess there.



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