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Escape from Eichen House: Part 2 (SPOILERS)


As expected, “Lie Ability” started right where the last episode left off.  Scott’s pack and Theo’s pack were trapped in Eichen House.  They still had to figure out a way to save Lydia.

After the opening title sequence, we were shown a scene outside Eichen’s walls.  Liam and Hayden laid in bed, making out.  Once again, I was confused as to where we were in time.  Had they already escaped Eichen House?  In the following scene, we were brought back to the room with Hayden and Deucalion.  So apparently the make-out scene was from the past–before breaking into Eichen House–but it still confused me.  The creative team needs to figure out way to better indicate where we are in time.

Fortunately, by the end of “Lie Ability,” the pack’s quest was complete and Lydia was saved.  These past two episodes could have easily been combined into one episode and probably should have.  It would have saved time and made the plot even more exciting.  Now, I’m bored and ready to move on from this storyline.

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