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Introducing the New Girl, Reagan


When Nick first met Reagan, he went on a rambling rant.  As he vomited up words, one line that stuck out to me was when he said that his name was “Nicholas for long.”  We usually say “(nickname) for short” so it was hilarious to hear him take this spin on it.  Maybe I should start introducing myself as “Kim/Kimmy, or Kimberly for long,” since everyone always refers to me by my nicknames anyways…

Reagan is definitely a different character from one we’ve seen on this show before.  She’s successful and independent, yet recluse.  I’m curious to see how her role in the group develops over time.  Another interesting aspect about Reagan is her sexuality.  I have yet to see a bisexual character on TV.  I’m glad that the writers are exploring something new.  We have many exciting things to look forward to.

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