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Rebecca Saves a Marriage!


Most people can relate to the dread they feel when they send a text to a wrong person–the one person who should not see the text.  As the title states, Rebecca sent a text about Josh that was meant for Paula to Josh himself.  This all transpired in the middle of a case.  Paula ended up revealing to the room what had happened, and everyone panicked, claiming that Rebecca’s situation was much more time sensitive than the court case.  I was not expecting the other people to be so empathetic.  It was hilarious.

After Josh found out about the rock, got weirded out by the whole situation, and left, Rebecca sat beside the shattered glass on her floor and sang a song about self loathing.  In the musical number, she stood on a stage in front of a huge audience.  Behind her on the stage was a large chandelier.  But the chandelier wasn’t like any regular chandelier.  It was made of the glass shards that covered her living room floor.  This was a great added detail.

Paula and Scott rekindled their love in “That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!”  They bonded over Rebecca’s crazy love life.  As Paula began explaining Rebecca’s situation, the couple ended up reciting the exact lines from the show’s theme song.  Very clever!



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