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A Credible Threat (SPOILERS)


As we had been warned, Kira was a danger to her friends in “A Credible Threat.”  Is it bad that I like the character of Kira more when the fox takes over?  She’s more interesting and powerful.  I find her less annoying and more intriguing.

It was interesting to see some of the chimeras help Scott’s pack in “A Credible Threat.”  But where was Theo this episode?  I wonder what he would have thought of all of this.

How is Beacon Hills High School still open?  Looking at recent history, one would think they would have closed the school months ago.  Handfuls of teenagers have disappeared or died over the past few years.  On top of that, current death rates in Beacon Hills are at an all time high due to the presence of the Beast.  Why are people still living in this town anyways?  Shouldn’t there be more panic?  I guess we’ll see during the next episode…  If a gigantic beast rampaging through a lacrosse game doesn’t cause mass hysteria, I don’t know what will.

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