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Film, Friends and Fruit Pies: All the Frustrations (SPOILERS)


Sue had an interesting, relatable storyline in “Film, Friends and Fruit Pies.”  Sue and Lexie officially became roommates, though they discovered a key difference between the two of them: their spending habits.  Being a fan for seven seasons, I understood the Heck’s financial constraints; Lexie did not.  She kept buying things for the room, assuming Sue would pay her share.  Sue had to learn how to deal with the situation head on.  She developed a lot this episode.

In “Film, Friends and Fruit Pies,” we got to see Axl in action at his internship.  He grew close to his boss, but it stressed him out.  Axl complained to his parents, and Mike mentioned that Axl was only working ten hours a week.  That small added detail made Axl’s storyline even more humorous.


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