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Forgiveness (SPOILERS)


I really liked the weekly case in “She Hates Us.”  In this case, we saw how the law always triumphs even at the expense of the victim’s family’s wishes.  Annalise’s client, Jason, murdered another man.  However, the victim’s mother did not want Jason to go to jail.  She had forgiven him and wanted to move on with her life, and she wanted him to do the same.  In the end, Jason was sentenced to life in prison.  After the trial, the victim’s mother hugged Jason and told him that they would help each other through this difficult time.  This was unlike any case we’ve seen on this show before.  It was an interesting investigation into forgiveness.

Rather than flashing forward to a future event, “She Hates Us” flashed back to ten years prior when Annalise and Wes’ mother crossed paths.  At that time, Annalise was pregnant (and very far along), Bonnie was an intern, and Frank had bad hair.  It was very interesting to see these characters in a different time.  It was also eerie to see despicable Sam alive and well.  We learned a little bit more about the Christophe situation–basically meaning that we only have more questions.  We found out that it’s a lot more complicated than just Wes’ mother’s death.  It has something to do with a courtcase.

Both Annalise and Wes visited the doctor in “She Hates Us”–Annalise for her gunshot wound and Wes for anxiety and insomnia.  The writers were clever in overlapping these scenes.  We shuffled between the two different appointments.  In one shot, a doctor would ask a question, and in the next, the other patient would answer it.  The timing was perfect.  This overlapping of similar scenes drew another parallel to Annalise and Wes, connecting them even more.

I applaud Alfred Enoch’s (Wes) performance in the scene when Wes opened up to Dr. Dalton about his mother’s death.  He spoke concisely and matter-of-factly with almost no facial expressions, but you could see the sadness brewing in his red, watery eyes.  This showed that even though Wes had grown more accustomed to telling his heartbreaking story, it didn’t erase the pain.  It was an emotional scene.

One of the big bombshells in “She Hates Us” was when Frank confessed to Laurel that he killed Lila.  In that moment, Frank expressed how much he loved Laurel.  He revealed one of his darkest secrets (something that Annalise doesn’t even know) so that Laurel would not leave him.  This bombshell also brought back a storyline I had been missing.  It’s about time we revisited Lila’s case and found out the truth behind her death.  Next episode, I hope we find out why Frank owed Sam.

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