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More Character Development, Please


There have been slight references to Jess during her absence.  In “Wig,” Nick, Cece, and Schmidt rampaged through Reagan’s room.  Nick opened a drawer full of ribbons, realizing that they were probably Jess’.  I liked this added detail, reminding us of the show’s main character.  But, I want to see the characters miss Jess even more.  While the episodes have been entertaining, I can definitely feel the absence of Jess’ quirkiness and optimism, and I’m sure the characters are noticing it too.

I was recently talking to my friends about how our tolerance for Nick has decreased.  It seems like Nick has only gone downhill the past few seasons.  He’s become more lazy and less mature.  It’s as if he hasn’t had any character development this entire season.  It seemed like he was starting to change during the first part of his and Jess’ relationship and even when he comforted Jess during her break up with Ryan.  But then, it just stopped, and all his progress was lost.  It was almost as if he was going in reverse and ended up far worse than he even started.  I want to see his character develop again.  Nick doesn’t need to completely change; I just want to see him become a better person.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

There wasn’t anything special about “Wig.”  It felt just like any other episode of “New Girl,” making it rather forgettable.  I want to see more exciting episodes.  I want to watch an episode that makes me wish for the following week.  The characters need more significant storylines that are not only hilarious, but allow for some character development.

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