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The Beast (SPOILERS)


As anticipated, “The Maid of Gévaudan” was Crystal Reed’s brief return to Teen Wolf.  The first time we saw her, she was running through a snowy forest.  We couldn’t make out her face, but we knew it was her.  We grew closer and closer until we were directly behind her.  The camera swooped around her shoulder, and we finally saw her face.  I could hear the imaginary applause in my head.  It was a great reveal.

Like many episodes this season on Teen Wolf, “The Maid of Gévaudan” started right where the previous episode left off–in the middle of everything.  The Beast ran through the school, terrorizing students while Lydia consulted with the Argents, trying to figure out how to defeat the Beast.

There were two separate stories told in “The Maid of Gévaudan.”  There was the present day story with the characters we all know and love, and the story of Marie-Jeanne aka the Maid of Gévaudan.  Marie-Jeanne’s story was very interesting.  It was much better than the present day story.  It was unpredictable; I was not expecting the Beast to be Marie-Jeanne’s brother.

Marie-Jeanne’s story took place in the 1760s in French territory of North America.  Rather than having the actors speak in French with subtitles, they spoke in English with French accents.  Though, some of them needed a bit of polishing.  The accents weren’t consistent–some were stronger than others and some didn’t even sound French.  It reduced the quality of the show.  They should have gotten rid of the accents, found better actors for the roles, or hired a better accent coach.

The present day story wasn’t really a story at all.  There was no true beginning, middle, or end.  There was just action, but we did find out who the Beast is…

I knew it was Mason.  I had called it as soon as season 5b started.  I knew it had to be an important character, someone we were close to.  But everyone we knew was already a supernatural creature, except for Stiles and Mason.  And Stiles was the bad guy in season three, so that left Mason.  My one question: How long has Corey known?  Mason was with Corey up until the moment when the Beast showed up.  That means Corey saw Mason transform.  And at the end, when Scott and Liam find out the truth, Corey escaped with Mason.  Did Corey just discover the truth that day or has he known for a while now?

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