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Kisses All Around! (SPOILERS)


There was a lot going on in this episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: group hangs, a court case, sexuality exploration, and fake boyfriends.

For the second time in a month, one of the TV shows I watch introduced a bisexual character.  I’m looking forward to seeing this explored on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I’m glad more shows are bringing awareness to the spectrum of sexuality.

In “Josh and I Work on a Case!,” White Josh shut down ignorance about sexuality. When Darryl found out the truth about White Josh’s sexuality, he said, “Maybe your nickname should be Gay Josh instead of White Josh because then people would know what’s up.”  White Josh had a great comeback: “Why?  You don’t call Greg ‘Straight Greg.’  We don’t call you ‘Old Gay Darryl.'”  He emphasized that people aren’t defined by their sexuality.

I love how the song “Cold Showers” paid homage to the song “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man.  I starred in The Music Man in middle school, so I greatly appreciated the reference.

“Josh and I Work on a Case!” was the first episode we really saw Mrs. Hernandez involved in Rebecca’s love life.  I guess Paula had been keeping her up to date on everything.  I’m curious as to whether Mrs. Hernandez will become more important because right now, I don’t understand her purpose on the show.

One of my favorite parts of “Josh and I Work on a Case!” was the final scene when the West Covina window cleaners met up to gossip at a bar.  Rebecca’s office has a window cleaner: George.  He made a surprise appearance when Rebecca got the settlement offer from Josh’s landlord.  In the final scene, we found out that George had been following the Rebecca and Josh’s love story all season.  It was hilarious.  He’s one of us!

“Josh and I Work on a Case!” ended in the middle of everything.  Rebecca paid a visit to Josh’s apartment to discuss the case and found not only Josh, but Valencia, Greg, and fake boyfriend Trent as well.  The episode ended with her kissing Trent before he could speak and reveal her secret.  Darryl also got a kiss at the end of “Josh and I Work on a Case!”  He told White Josh that he is bi, and then one thing led to another.  There’s a lot to unfold next episode.  Rebecca and Josh are still in the middle of a case.  What will happen when Trent tells the truth?  And will a new romance blossom between Darryl and White Josh?  We’ll just have to wait and see…



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