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That Time All the Hecks Went to a Movie and Didn’t Watch It (SPOILERS)


“Hecks at a Movie” was a great episode all around.  I was completely entertained the whole time.  In particular, Frankie, Mike, and Sue’s storylines excelled above the others.

Frankie and Mike got into a fight in “Hecks at a Movie.”  We all know that one person who always interrupts when other people are telling a story, or maybe we’ve been accused of being that person.  In “Hecks at a Movie,” Frankie was that person, and Mike was extra sensitive about it.  It was interesting to see the writers put the couple in this position and to see their different experiences.

Logan is finally back!  And there he goes again… Sue and Logan had the closest thing to a date and they finally kissed, but then Logan had to go and ruin it by revealing that he’s considering becoming a priest.  In the end, the pair decided that even though they want to be together, it probably wouldn’t work out for several reasons.  But I won’t give up hope, the writers have a habit of bringing Logan back when we (and Sue) least expect it.

At the start of “Hecks at a Movie,” it seemed like Brick’s story was going to become the main plot of the episode, but that didn’t happen.  They made such a big deal about Brick going to the movies for the first time ever, but he didn’t make it past the previews all because he didn’t like the casting for the upcoming “Planet Nowhere” movie.  After that, his story kind of fizzled out as others became more interesting.

Axl’s storyline was even weaker.  He discovered that his first kiss was with Sean.  It seemed like the writers had run out of ideas for Axl, so they just decided to go with the kiss thing since they couldn’t think of anything better.

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