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It’s a Trap (SPOILERS)


Laurel’s story in “It’s a Trap” started right after Frank told her that he killed Lila.  Laurel demanded to know why.  Frank said that he had to, and then they were interrupted by a call from Annalise’s office.  “I’ll explain.  Just hang on,” Frank insisted.  While Frank was on the phone, Laurel snuck out.  And we never got to learn the truth.  It was such a tease!

Laurel has been extra vulnerable this season.  I applaud Karla Souza’s (Laurel) performance in “It’s a Trap.”  In the car scene, Laurel was dismayed at the fact that Frank turned out to be as bad as her father.  She choked on her words and gasped for breath as she sobbed.  It was extremely believable, which made the scene ever more emotionally poignant.

Prison has not boded well for Catherine.  She was only in one scene in “It’s a Trap,” but she looked awful.  She was pale and had dark circles under her eyes.  Her lips were chapped.  She looked sickly.  Catherine was very short with Caleb and clearly upset.  This was all pulled off through great acting by Amy Okuda (Catherine) along with great work by the hair and make-up team.  It was evident that this whole case has changed Catherine.  She’s lost a part of herself.

Remember when the Keating five used to attend class and when Annalise used to teach classes?  Last season, each episode of How to Get Away with Murder showed clips from Annalise’s lectures.  Her lessons would tie in with the weekly case and the bigger case about Lila.  It was an interesting and clever way the writers connected all of the elements of the story.  But they haven’t been keeping up with that this season, and it’s a bit disappointing. How to Get Away with Murder just keeps becoming more and more absurd.

I was not expecting that huge cliffhanger ending.  Laurel charged into Annalise’s house, demanding to speak to her.  I was expecting Laurel to accuse Annalise of causing Wes’ mother’s death, but then she said, “Did you know this whole time?…Is it true?…Did Wes kill his mother?”  The episode ended with an image of young Wes/Christophe holding a bloody knife while standing over his dying mother.  Did Wes kill his mother?  This show just got more interesting…


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