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The Decision (SPOILERS)


The writers of New Girl constantly shred gender stereotypes.  In “The Decision,” Cece and Schmidt looked for a venue for their wedding.  They were tight on funds, so Schmidt couldn’t have the extravagant wedding he always fantasized about.  Schmidt convinced Cece to check out the Lisbon because that was where he always dreamed of getting married.  Even though they didn’t have the money, Cece still fought for a spot at the Lisbon in order to make her fiancé’s dream come true.  Not all men are indifferent towards wedding plans and not all woman fantasize about their wedding.  I appreciate that the writers of New Girl acknowledged this.

It looks like Nick and Reagan are officially friends.  Nick can finally talk to Reagan and even declined the offer to sleep with her.  Instead, the two of them went to the bar, Nick in a bright orange track suit and Reagan in cheetah-print footy pajamas.  They finally connected.  Could an actual romance blossom from this?

It was obvious that Aly was lying about having a boyfriend when Winston asked her out for drinks.  She said that she would bring her boyfriend along, but we never saw her show up to the bar.  The episode ended too soon, and Winston’s storyline was cut short.  Did Aly show up?  If so, did she bring anyone with her?  And how did the night go?  Aly put herself in a bit of a pickle, but we never saw how it all played out…

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