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Josh and I Make a Connection! (SPOILERS)


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is like catnip for musical theater nerds!  In “Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!,” the musical number, “Flooded with Justice” paid homage to “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from the popular musical, Les Misérables.  The music and lyrics were similar and some of the plaintiffs waved red flags in the air.  This made the arrival of the plaintiffs even grander.  “Can you hear a trickling sound?  That’s the faulty facet of truth!”

One of my favorite lines in “Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!” was Kevin’s commentary on Audra Levine.  “It looks like she orders everything on the side,” he said.  It was an interesting observation (and not something I would immediately think of), but it was spot on.

That ending was crazy!  Josh kissed Rebecca!  And it was so passionate!  And Greg saw it happen… He arrived to confess his true feelings to Rebecca, but was too late.  What’s going to happen next?  “Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!” felt more like a season finale than just a regular episode.

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