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Nothing Happened (SPOILERS)


Eve finally appeared in the flashback scenes.  As we saw in “What Did We Do?,” we knew she had a role in the case involving Rose.  She caught me off guard when she entered, however.  Rose was seated in an interrogation room, then Eve entered and started questioning her.  Immediately, I was curious.  The episode pulled me right in.

The Keating five have learned from the best.  They’ve become mini Annalises when it comes to manipulation.  In “Something Bad Happened,” Annalise submitted Philip’s blackmail videos to law enforcement.  A.D.A. Todd Denver lied and promised her immunity.  But Annalise knew better than to trust him.  She called her crew and warned them.  Bonnie, Frank, and the Keating five worked together to play the system so that the cops entered Annalise’s residence without a warrant.  It was all pretty impressive to see their plan come together.

Damn, Karla Souza (Laurel)!  Back at it again with the emotional performances!  A highlight was when Frank told Laurel he loved her.  Laurel wiped tears from her eyes as she told him that she could not reciprocate those feelings.  Souza’s performance looked effortless.

Wes was so unpredictable in “Something Bad Happened.”  He found the evidence claiming that he was a suspect in his mother’s death, and he totally freaked.  I was on pins and needles the whole time wondering what he was going to do.  Was he going to spill his secrets?  Was he going to harm himself (he still has that gun)?  A great combination of writing and acting increased the suspense in this plotline.

We finally found out who killed Rose!  And guess what, it was a suicide just after all.  There was no big mystery.  Wes didn’t kill his mother and neither did Annalise.  It was all a bit anticlimactic.  I thought we were going to get some interesting news, but we didn’t.  Why was there such a big buildup to this event if nothing unexpected happened?

We did learn one thing from the flashbacks: why Annalise is so invested in Wes.  1) Annalise feels guilty for putting Rose in that situation.  She feels responsible for Rose’s death.  2) Right before Rose stabbed herself with the knife, she asked Annalise to look after Christophe/Wes.

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