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The BEASTS of Beacon Hills (SPOILERS)


The opening scene of “The Beast of Beacon Hills” reinforced the fact that the Dread Doctors are the true enemy.  Mason did not know he was the Beast, and it is out of his control.  The Dread Doctors are the puppeteers behind the mayhem.  But in the end, the Beast killed the Dread Doctors, once again taking our attention away from them… What do the writers want us to think?

Mason just found out that he is the Beast, which means that he killed dozens of people.  The writers never gave Mason a chance to take in that information and truly understand all the destruction he has caused.  Mason should be overwhelmed with a number of emotions including fear, guilt, surprise, and self-loathing.  There was the potential for Mason to have a really emotional moment, but the writers never touched the surface.

Deucalion has been back for a few episodes now; however, he hasn’t done anything but verbally manipulate Theo and his pack.  I just don’t understand his purpose.  One thing is for sure: he’s an additional threat to Scott.

I still don’t understand the skinwalkers’ purpose either.  And why would they help Kira after she fought to escape from them?

This season of Teen Wolf has been like a whirlwind.  The plot has been heavily focused on action rather than character development.  Since the beginning, one of my favorite aspects of this show were the interactions between the characters and how their relationships developed as they navigated through the world of the supernatural.  That has been lacking this season and because of that, I have been losing interest.

Teen Wolf is just starting to get too confusing now.  There is too much going on and it’s just one big hot mess.  I don’t understand the rules anymore.  Nothing makes sense.  The original Beast is back.  I didn’t know that was possible…  Why is the Hellhound is the only one who can defeat the Beast?  How do the Dread Doctors’ masks work?  Where did the Dread Doctors even come from?  What is Deucalion’s purpose?  Who are the skinwalkers?  When will the conflict between Malia and the Desert Wolf end?  How did the Beast of Gévaudan return?  Is Mason gone?  Is it too late to save him?  I have so many questions, and I know that it is highly improbable that all of them will be answered in the season finale.

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