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Josh Is Going to Settle (SPOILERS)


I love how “Josh Is Going to Hawaii!” opened with the contrasting reactions of Rebecca and Josh after their kiss.  We saw both of them drive home separately.  Rebecca was giddy and smiling; while Josh looked guilty and uneasy.  Then both of them knocked on their friends’ doors and were greeted with “What happened?”  It was great to see this contrast, especially since they had no idea how each other was feeling.

Darryl taught us about bisexuality in his song “Gettin Bi’.”  While it was playful and fun, “Gettin Bi'” was also very educational and challenged assumptions about bisexuality.  Great job by the writing team to create a song that is both informative and entertaining!

I’m not surprised that Rebecca is in debt.  I saw it coming when she basically threw away $10,000 during Darryl’s custody battle.  While it’s a blow for Rebecca, it’s a plus for the audience.  This makes her even more relatable, and it makes the show more realistic.

It’s always hard to read Heather due to her laid-back vibe, but I did not believe she was having any difficulty with her breakup with Greg.  She seemed completely fine to me, but then Greg said, “Ok.  That’s it.  What’s going on?”  Something was going on?  He must have seen things I didn’t see.  Then finally, Heather broke down and shared her feelings.  There should have been more clues indicating Heather’s emotional state leading up to this moment.

Last we saw, Josh decided not to go to Hawaii.  He was going to stay home with Valencia, but almost immediately after he made that decision, Valencia started bossing him around again.  He looked unhappy.  Could he change his mind?  Rebecca is bound for Hawaii.  It would be an excellent surprise if Rebecca saw Josh when she got off the plane.  We’ll just have to wait and see…

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