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Anti-Apotheosis (SPOILERS)


In “Apotheosis,” we found out that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes this season than anticipated.  Scott had a masterplan that we were all unaware of.  There was a double double-cross!  We found out that Deucalion had been working with Scott the whole time, but why?  What did they want to accomplish?  We never really got an answer… We also learned that Chris Argent was planning on betraying his vengeful father.  Right after we found out this information, Chris Argent and Gerard pointed their guns at one another.  Then, the camera cut to Scott and Liam.  As we watched Scott and Liam leave the scene, we heard a shot fire behind them.  Who shot who?  It was a gripping moment and a great cliffhanger.

As expected with this being the season finale, “Apotheosis” was filled with battle scenes against the Beast.  The scenes had some impressive special effects.  In one scene, for example, the Beast stomped his fists on the ground, causing a rippling effect.  In slow motion, we watched at the force rippled its way through the room, knocking down Scott and his pack.  It was pretty cool!

So, Corey just happened to be there right when Mason escaped from the Beast.  He literally popped out of the wall and caught Mason in his arms.  Was Corey a part of the plan or is he just that much of a creep?

At one point, Scott handed Stiles a wrapped vial and told Stiles to give it to Malia.  Stiles paid a visit to Malia’s house.  While Malia fought the Desert Wolf, Stiles tossed the vial to her.  Then, she just threw it to the ground and it shattered.  What was the point of that?  Did it do something?  What was in that vial?  What was its importance?

The whole Desert Wolf story was unnecessary.  Nothing came of it.  What was the point?

I was disappointed there weren’t any Lydia/Parrish moments in season 5b.  Those were some of my favorite scenes in 5a.  Their relationship didn’t progress at all during this half of the season.

Because this season was so action-heavy, we didn’t really learn anything about Hayden.  We know that she has a sister and we know that she fancies Liam.  But what are her interest?  And what will she contribute to the pack moving forward?

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