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There’s My Baby (SPOILERS)


At the end of “There’s My Baby,” when we saw Annalise pack her bags and leave, I assumed she was going to visit Eve.  But on this show, one must always expect the unexpected!  Annalise went to visit her mother instead.  This was another great moment when the writers tricked the audience.

The writers have created How to Get Away with Murder‘s most villainous character yet in the form of Wallace Mahoney.  He’s racist and sexist.  He doesn’t have a conscious.  Wallace will do anything and everything to get his way…  So was Annalise’s car crash an actual accident or was she targeted by Wallace?  Did Wallace kill Annalise’s unborn child?

I don’t understand why Eve is so drawn to Annalise.  Annalise has rejected her multiple times and Annalise only reaches out to Eve when she’s desperate.  So, why does Eve still love Annalise?  What does Annalise offer her?

So, Asher and Michaela hooked up…  That was completely out of character.  Was it really necessary?  It seemed like the writers just wanted to add another scandalous storyline to the show, but the show is already scandalous enough without this irrational hook up.

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