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Diapers, Pain Killers, and Sibling Love (SPOILERS)


Knowing the Heck’s luck streak (or lack there of), I was a bit nervous about the Heck’s finances.  I was worried that Marlene could be a real threat.  The creative team did a great job in creating that tension.

Sue and Axl were hilarious on the pain killers.

At the end of “The Wisdom Teeth,” Frankie mentioned that even though she didn’t spend as much time with Sue and Axl as she wanted, she was able to spend time with Brick… but she didn’t really spend time with Brick or at least we didn’t see that.  In one scene, Brick sat with his mother at the table and began helping her, but nothing else happened.  I am assuming that’s when Frankie is referring to.  What did Frankie gain from that time with Brick?  I wish we saw more.  The writers did not make that scene as pivotal as they wanted it to be.

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