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We learned a lot about Annalise this season on How to Get Away with Murder, and especially in this particular episode.  In “Anna Mae,” we met Annalise’s sister and father.  We also found out that her son’s death has been haunting her for a decade.  She felt responsible for that tragedy.  Finally in “Anna Mae,” Annalise was able to get a bit of release.

In “Anna Mae” was the most emotional we’ve seen Frank yet.  He may do bad things, but he has a strong conscious.

Michaela and Asher started to hook up again in “Anna Mae,” but then Michaela stopped when she realized how crazy it was.  Hopefully that’s the last time we’ll ever see that.  What was the point in the first place?

I was not expecting that twisty ending.  Annalise saved all their assess again by solving the Hapstall case in one fell swoop.  It was Caleb all along.

At the end of the episode, Wes found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He approached Mahoney and told him that he was his son.  Then, Mahoney was shot and killed right before Wes’ eyes.  Wes stood stunned with Mahoney’s blood splattered across his face.  I have a feeling that Wes might be a prime suspect in Mahoney’s death, and I’m sure that will be a large focus of season three.

It’s pretty obvious that Frank was the one to kill Mahoney.  When Frank discovered Mahoney’s connection to Wes, he became fixated on it.  Frank was feeling extremely guilty and had been ever since that day Annalise lost her child.  Then, Laurel went to visit Frank in his apartment, only to find that Frank had moved out.  Next, we see Mahoney get shot.  Coincidence?  I think not!  It’s the one time a death in How to Get Away with Murder hasn’t been mysterious… unless we’ve all been deceived and find out something completely different in season three.

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