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Rebecca’s Crazy Trip! (SPOILERS)


Surprise!  Surprise!  Rebecca ended up not going to Hawaii, but went to New York instead.  She was considering moving back to the Big Apple.  I was definitely not expecting that.

I loved the lighting in the scene where dream ghost Dr. Akopian showed Rebecca how her “friends” acted when she left NYC.  Rebecca’s coworkers from New York were gathered in Rebecca’s kitchen.  As Rebecca turned to look at them, the lights faded away until only one spotlight was shining on her old coworkers.  They spoke a few lines before the spotlight faded out and the rest of the set was illuminated like usual.  The lighting in this scene was exactly like lighting on a theater stage.  It was clever and further emphasized Rebecca’s passion for theater.

Why was Darryl concerned about Rebecca’s whereabouts?  Rebecca’s original plan was to go to Hawaii, and that’s where Paula thought she was.  So, wouldn’t Rebecca have requested off work anyways?  If she actually went to Hawaii, she still wouldn’t be at work.

“Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!” ended on a huge cliffhanger.  Josh saw the pictures of he and Rebecca together and then he asked, “Rebecca, are you in love with me?”  And that was it.  The episode ended mid-conversation.  While it definitely makes me eager to see next week’s episode, it’s also frustrating.  There was no true conclusion.  It just cut off.  Rebecca could have at least answered, and then the next episode could be Josh’s reaction.  You can’t end an episode with all that tension.

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