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WTF Happened Last Year? – Answers to All of Your Questions (SPOILERS)


As we saw on the previous episode of Awkward., everything has changed.  “WTF Happened Last Year?” flashbacked in time to explain all of these changes.  Why did Jenna and Matty break up?  How did Tamara and Sadie become friends?  When did Jake and Lissa start dating again?  Why is Lissa working as a nanny?

Every character but Jenna really struggled the year after college.  Tamara and Sadie had difficulty making friends.  Matty was benched while on the soccer team.  Jake regretted taking a gap year.  And Lissa struggled with classes.  College is hard for a variety of different reasons and I’m glad that the writers illustrated this.

In “WTF Happened Last Year?,” we saw the contrasting college experiences between best friends Jenna and Tamara.  Unexpectedly, Tamara was the one who struggled to make friends in college.

Ashley Rickards (Jenna) exhibited the best acting I have ever seen from her.  In “WTF Happened Last Year?,” Matty visited Jenna at college, but the visit didn’t go as well as either of them expected.  Matty didn’t click with Jenna’s new friends.  When Jenna tried to confront him about this, she realized that he quit soccer.  He quickly rejected any pity from her.  Matty then pulled a complete 180 and said that he would transfer to Jenna’s school.  In the end, they broke up.  The whole episode, Jenna underwent an emotional whirlwind, and Rickards did an amazing job guiding us through this.  I was impressed with how believable Rickards’ acting was.  It looked effortless.

Awkward. is going back to its roots.  The reason I fell in love with this series in the first place was because of how relatable it was.  It really put you inside the mind of a teenage girl.  However, for the past few seasons, it started to become too dramatic and far-fetched.  But now, Awkward. is going back to the simplicity and rawness that really made it a great show.

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