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Sue’s make up was on point in “Crushed.”  The hair and makeup team have done a great job in slowly evolving Sue’s style.  She’s appearing more and more mature each episode.

I actually wanted Cindy’s family to move away.  I want Brick to move on from her.  It would be interesting to see Brick in a more conventional relationship.

When the Hecks watched Cindy and her family drive away, it was very evident that they were standing in front of a green screen.  This looked tacky and took me out of the world of the show.

Axl drew the short straw.  He didn’t have a storyline in “Crushed.”  Instead, he just reacted to his siblings’ storylines.  He laughed at Sue for her crush on her professor and he gave Brick advice about girls.

Overall, “Crushed” just wasn’t that great of an episode.  The storylines were too strange and not interesting enough.

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