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Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?


Rebecca Bunch is one of the most relatable characters I have ever seen on television.  For example, when she broke into a bakery with Paula, she threw flour into the air to see if there were security lasers.  She is such a dork and that’s why I love her.

Rebecca was rather informative in “Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?”  She educated us about UTIs and specifically what not to do when you get one.  She also reminded her female viewers, that UTI’s are a normal occurrence.  There is no sense in being ashamed of it.  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend promotes a realistic and healthy body image for girls.

In “Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?,” Rebecca had to deal with her feelings for Greg.  Her hormones prevented her from staying level headed and being in control of the relationship.  At the start of any relationship or fling, there is always the battle of who is in control.  I’m glad the writers explored this.


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