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The Collapse of Nature: A Detour Back to Where It All Began (SPOILERS)


“The Collapse of Nature” took us back in time to Beth’s final days.  We were finally able to see first hand how everything affected her.  And we even got to witness the Maggie Chen incident.

The best line in “The Collapse of Nature” was at the beginning when Beth was speaking to MK on the phone.  MK said, “Remember, don’t trust anyone next to you.”  During this line, the camera was on Beth.  She was sitting at the edge of her bed.  Right after this line was uttered, Paul sat up behind Beth in bed.  As we already learned in past seasons, Paul was Beth’s monitor.  This scene brought back such an eerie feeling.

In “The Collapse of Nature,” we got to see the difference between Beth and Paul’s relationship and Sarah and Paul’s relationship.  This episode further emphasized Paul’s love for Sarah.

We also dove deeper into Art and Beth’s relationship.  I now better understand how Art felt about Beth.

After Beth shot Maggie Chen, the camera stayed on her for a few extra seconds.  Beth’s facial expression did not change as she slowly approached the body.  During this time, the camera movements were slightly jerky, yet focused on Beth’s face.  Director John Fawcett did a great job in illustrating Beth’s shock after the incident.

Ever since Sarah discovered that Maggie Chen was a Prolethian, the clone club assumed that Beth shot Maggie Chen on purpose.  In “The Collapse of Nature,” we found out that it truly was an accident.  Beth believed she killed an innocent civilian, so the incident affected her more than I had previously thought.  Imagine if Beth had known the truth…

Towards the end of the episode, we saw Beth lay down in bed.  In the next shot, we saw Sarah wake up to a phone call from Art.  I loved how this was filmed.  It took a second for me to recognize the difference between the two clones, but this parallel between them was a great way to transition from past to present.  It drew a connection between the two of them.  Sarah and Beth are far more alike than I thought.

As much as I loved learning about Beth’s story, I did miss the usual crew.  Every since season three ended, I’ve been missing Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Felix, and Donnie.  I was overjoyed when we saw Felix at the police station and glad that we were able to catch up with Sarah at the end of “The Collapse of Nature,” but I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to catch up with the rest of the gang.

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