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The Fairy Tale Ending (SPOILERS)


In “Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!,” Paula revealed how much she did to help set Rebecca up with Josh.  Her secrets provided an explanation for everything that happened over the course of the season.  For example, Paula knew where Mrs. Chan was at all times of the day because she added a tracking device to Mrs. Chan’s car.  It was no coincidence that they ran into Mrs. Chan at the grocery store in “My First Thanksgiving with Josh!”

Lea Salonga was the perfect guest star for an episode about Disney fairy tales.  Also, her voice in “One Indescribable Instant” was beautiful.

I did not expect Valencia to be the one to break up with Josh.  I wonder how her role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will change moving forward.  Will her relationship with Rebecca change?

That ending was almost perfect until Rebecca had to go and ruin it.  She got her fairytale fantasy.  She and Josh drove away in a beautiful car and made love under the stars.  They looked like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.  But then Rebecca finally admitted her deepest, darkest secret: she moved to West Covina for Josh.  The expression on Josh’s face after this was revealed was not good for Rebecca (even though she didn’t see it).  Also at the end of the episode, Greg expressed his love for Rebecca aloud, but only to himself.  Looks like this love triangle is just going to get a lot more complicated next season.

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