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Transgressive Border Crossing: Stepping Into the Darkness (SPOILERS)


We finally caught up with the rest of the clone club in “Transgressive Border Crossing.”  I love how we were re-introduced to Felix, Alison, and Cosima by Sarah’s mass text message.  Not only were we reuniting with the characters, they were reuniting with one another.

In “Transgressive Border Crossing,” Sarah and Art went to Beth’s house to see if they could learn more information about Beth or the mysterious MK.  In these scenes, the creators continued to draw parallels between Sarah and Beth by interspersing flashbacks.  In one scene, Art stood in the living room as Sarah opened the fridge.  In the next shot, Beth closed the fridge and Beth’s monitor stood in the very spot Art had been standing.  This was a smooth transition and it added an eerie atmosphere to the episode; Sarah was standing exactly where Beth had once stood.  Another one of these flashback transitions took place when Sarah was in the bathroom.  Sarah bent down to look in the cabinet under the sink, and then the character stood up, but this time, it was Beth.  These flashback transitions were cleverly executed.

My favorite line in “Transgressive Border Crossing” was when Felix responded to Alison’s comment about his artwork.  Alison noted that there was a penis painted on the wall.  “In art, it’s called a phallus, darling,” Felix responded.

Orphan Black is starting to get really dark and really gross.  The creepy robotic worms are back and apparently they’ve been implanted in the clone’s mouths.  It looks like things are going to get a lot more gruesome and gory before they get any better.

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