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Double Double Feature: Bachelor(ette) Party (SPOILERS)


Once again, New Girl aired two-episodes this week.

“Road Trip” and “A Chill Day In” paralleled each other in more ways than one.  Both were about Schmidt and Cece’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, respectively.  And in both episodes, Schmidt and Cece questioned whether they would be a good enough spouse for one another.  It was sweet that they both had this concern.  It only proved that they’re meant to be.

It was clever how this two-episode event was set up.  There was a separate episode for each party, yet the episodes were interconnected.


S5E17 – Road Trip

I love how the fight scene was directed in “Road Trip.”  The outrageous and chaotic fighting was filmed in slow motion, which just made it even more ridiculous.  The director captured some large views of the fight, illustrating how huge it was.  In particular, my favorite shot was the sweeping shot from Nick being punched to Winston standing on top of a car, screaming.  It put the audience in the center of all the action.  It made the scene feel so big and me so small, exactly how the guys must have been feeling.


S5E18 – A Chill Day In

“A Chill Day In” picked up immediately after the boys left the loft for their road trip, and it provided an explanation for Jess’ odd text message to Winston in “Road Trip.”

While getting high and watching Anne of Green Gables, Jess brought up Coach.  Her dialogue was a funny commentary on the character’s disappearance, reappearance, and then disappearance on the show.

My favorite line in “A Chill Day In” was when Jess commented on the cost of the bread maker.  “That’s a lot of dough,” she said.  It was very punny.

While Schmidt had five groomsmen at his bachelor party, Cece only had Jess at her’s (minus Nadia who appeared at the end).  Why is that?  Who are Cece’s bridesmaids?

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