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The Stigmata of Progress: Bother, Bother, Bother (SPOILERS)


“The Stigmata of Progress” had a great opening.  The episode started with a shot of Rachel’s neolution eye opening.  Rachel was undergoing an eye exam.  For the first few seconds, we couldn’t see who was performing the exam because of the way the camera was angled or the lighting, but we could hear him talk.  Immediately, I recognized the voice, though couldn’t place a face to it.  Finally, we saw actor Ari Millen and were introduced to Ira, a Castor clone who works for Professor Duncan.  I’m glad the Castor clones haven’t all died out yet.


One of the all time best quotes from Orphan Black was stated in “The Stigmata of Progress.”  Rachel passed on some wise words to Charlotte.  “…you don’t get to decide what bothers you or not.  That’s why it bothers you,” she said.  I love when lines from TV shows, films, books, etc. can apply to real life.  Rachel’s line was deep and powerful, transcending beyond the show.

Tatiana is the best actress I have ever seen.  Watching her shuffle between Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel is mind-blowing.  Each character has unique mannerisms and voices.  Every episode, I wonder how she is able to pull off the feat with such ease.

Alright, so it’s episode three now and we still have a lot of questions left unanswered from the season three finale.  Several characters that are still unaccounted for: Mark, Gracie, Shay, and of course, Delphine.  Also, who shot Delphine?  I’m getting impatient…

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