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Dress; Return to Sender (SPOILERS)


S5E19: Dress

I’ve always been fascinated by Schmidt’s job and his work environment.  I found it hilarious that he made the men’s bathroom into his own little work sanctuary since he is the only man in the office.

Jess finally got a new job, but we have yet to see her in action.  In “Dress,” she was the one character not at work.  Instead, she spent the day with Schmidt trying to create Cece’s dress.  Maybe she took a sick day, but I just found it odd that she wasn’t at work on a school day.

As frustrating as it was, I’m glad we didn’t see Cece’s finished dress.  This just makes me even more excited for the wedding episode.

Since Reagan is unable to attend the wedding, who will Nick go with?  Will he just go alone?


S5E20: Return to Sender

I loved the title of this episode.  Not only did it reference Diane’s returned letter, it also alluded to Sam’s decision in the end.

Jess’ storyline in “Return to Sender” was very interesting; it was like a flip-flopped romance.  Imagine if a long-time friend of your significant other reveals that she has always loved your significant other.  And of top of that, they have a romantic love story like that in the movies.  I loved the fact that this caused Jess personal conflict, illustrating her selflessness.  I was curious as to how the whole story would unfold.  Would Sam pick his long-time admirer and friend, Diane, or would he choose his current love?  I applaud the writers for their original concept.

How have I never noticed that nowhere in the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” does it mention that Humpty is an egg?  I have been deceived my whole life… Sometimes New Girl‘s random pop culture tidbits boggle my mind.

I was not expecting Schmidt’s father, Gavin, to show up at the end.  After Nick and Gavin’s odd encounter by the elevator, I believed that Gavin would stay true to his word.  But then, we saw Schmidt alone at dinner.  Nick came by to help cheer up his buddy, and I thought that was that; Gavin is gone, once again.  But when all hope was lost, Gavin appeared!  Not only did he show up, he suggested that Schmidt move the wedding to his vineyard.  This was a great, surprise ending.

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