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Misadventures in Babysitting


Jenna has a new baby sister, but Morgan hasn’t had much of a role in Jenna’s life yet.  I’m glad the writers are starting to explore this new family dynamic, though they just barely touched the surface.  And of course Jenna’s storyline ended up being about Matty rather than about Jenna forming a bond with her new sister.  There was so much more that could have come out of this storyline.

Both Tamara and Sadie’s storylines were cut short in “Misadventures in Babysitting.”  Sadie and Sergio accompanied Tamara to a clam bake with Patrick and his female best friends.  Tamara was nervous about meeting Patrick’s friends, and unfortunately, they ended up being even worse than she feared.  They were stereotypical rich girls: snobby and bland.  In order to fit in, Jenna conformed and pretended to be yet another rich girl.  She even went so far as to book a spa treatment with them that cost over $1000.  But that was the last we saw of Tamara.  What happened to Tamara the rest of the night?  Did she keep up the charade?  Did she actually join them at the spa the next day?  And did she ever confront Patrick about her uncomfortable night?  Tamara’s storyline was incomplete.  And so was Sadie’s.  Coming from a rich family, Sadie was used to this type of crowd and knew many of the attendees.  She apologized to Sergio for being so popular at the event, but then she became number two to Sergio once people discovered that he owned the food truck they all loved.  The last we saw of the couple, Sergio was being dragged away from Sadie by one of his fans.  What happened to them the rest of the night?  How did Sadie feel about this?

“Misadventures of Babysitting” had so much potential, but the writers didn’t follow through.

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