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Not Mother’s Day (SPOILERS)


This season of The Middle has been filled with more sentiment than most and that’s because of where it’s been coming from: Mike and Axl.  In “Not Mother’s Day,” Frankie decided not to celebrate Mother’s Day, but rather have each family member “pay it forward” for another family member.  Unintentionally, Mike and Axl paid it forward the most.  Mike confessed his appreciate for Pat and finally danced with her.  Axl helped Sue feel better, teaching her that change is good.  He even offered for her to sleep in Brick’s bed for the night.  “Not Mother’s Day” was super sweet.

I appreciate that Mike and Pat have a good relationship.  Most sitcoms make the mother-in-law some sort of crazy, evil character, but that is so exaggerated and unrealistic for most people.  Pat is Mike’s surrogate mother – as an mother-in-law should be – and it was very sweet to see their relationship explored in “Not Mother’s Day.”

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